The Final fantasy name

In the mid 1980s, in Japan there was a small game making company named Square which entered the Japanese video gaming industry with simple racing games and RPG’s for Nintendo Consoles, there was also a very famous company named Enix which made many smash hits like dragon quest.Square one day decided to dream big and planned to make a fantasy RPG which could compete with the likes of Dragon quest.They planned meticulously, and put in all their resources in this one game.A game which if were to fail could very much destroy Square hence they named this Final fantasy,owing to the fact that this would be their final fantasy something they would put their heart and soul in to and take a huge risk….
Today Square and Enix have merged together to form Square Enix,and they are getting ready for the fifteenth instalment in this iconic franchise which has made it to the Guinness book of world records and is considered as one of the greatest video game franchises of all time,as a testament to the original title and the inspiration behind the title,the games are still named final fantasy,Its is also responsible for introducing the concept of console based RPGs to the world.

Later on,however there is also another story that has been talked about,according to Sakaguchi, the team wanted a title that had a simple abbreviation in the Roman alphabet (FF) and a four-syllable abbreviated Japanese pronunciation (“efu efu”). Because of the setting and style, “fantasy” was an easy choice. “Final” wasn’t the first choice of adjective, however.

The initial proposed name was “Fighting Fantasy,” but it was already taken by a tabletop game. And so it is, Final Fantasy.

“To be sure, we had our backs to the wall when we were developing Final Fantasy,” Sakaguchi said, “but really, anything that started with an F would have been fine for the title.”

Well even if they had to settle for the secondary choice,this game has been a game changer for the gaming industry,wouldn’t you agree?

Any Final fantasy vii fans out there???



One thought on “The Final fantasy name

  1. When I was about 7 or 8 years old , my dad came home with a new game for our Nintendo Entertainment System. It was Final Fantasy. For what seemed like a lifetime, I would watch him play this game in the evenings before bed, unable to stop. Before this game, all I really knew were side scrolling games. I had seen him play Dragon Warrior, but I hadn’t played it myself. Something was different about this game. When it was finally my turn to play after he beat it, I was hooked. Final Fantasy remains my favourite video game series some 25 years later.


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