Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World:Worth watching?

RE:Zero is a Japanese Light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and published by MF Bunko received an anime adaptation this year, and for the most part it has managed to win hearts of millions despite not even before it was completely aired yet, the series has a total of 25 episode.It was a web novel self-published by the author until it became very popular online and was picked up by an editor in MF Bunko.

(Caution: The text below may contain spoilers*)

It starts out with the common “protagonist travels to a new world” theme which has been used in several other Light novel and Manga series. The story follows our protagonist named Netsuke Subaru who suddenly finds himself transported to a new world, and like any shut-in NEETs he seems quite delighted about it, it’s common for shut-ins to dream of escaping in to a world where they can start-over and achieve greatness. Natsuki Subaru is no different ,describing the new world using generic fantasy story elements. The place he arrives is called Lugnica and there he encounters a white haired half-elf called Emilia who saves him from a group of thugs who were robbing him.

He quickly befriends the half-elf ,Emilia says she’s looking for something which was stolen from her and Subaru recalls a petite blond girl who was supposedly the thief  he saw earlier,the story starts from there as they both set out to look for the thief.As the no. of events progresses Subaru discovers an ability “Return by death” by which he can start over after dying from a certain point before the chain of events leading to his death take place, thereby allowing him to change his fate and to also save the others who die. The series does a very good job of portraying the hopelessness and despair Subaru experiences before he can ultimately think of a solution to get through the situation alive thereby allowing him to experience failure multiple times until he finally succeeds, just like “save-points” in games.

The story throws Subaru from one sticky situation to another where he continually suffers but is unable to speak to anyone about his ability,the moment he tries he is attacked by and silenced by an unknown force which is probably what this story refers to as “the witch” named Satella. The series provides situations which can bring both delight and disgust the viewers owing to the  blood and gore and the way Subaru is killed overtime,but it also has warm moments with a set of lively characters and the positivity and confidence Subaru gets from overcoming insurmountable odds including one in which he loses his sanity is definitely worth watching.

One of the main highlights of the entire series are the twin-demon sisters working in Roswal’s mansion Rem and Ram ,with Rem being the fan-favourite character of the series. The character due to her self-sacrificing and  loveable nature managed to drag Subaru out of disparity when he was ready to give up and asked her to run away with him. Overall this series packs a serious punch despite starting out with a common theme.Like many other series with suffering main characters like Rintaro Okabe(Steins;Gate) or Satoru Fujinuma(Boku dake ga Inai Machi) the series does well incorporating twists and turns to accurately use the panicked characters to the fullest without overdoing it.

The series is recommended as a good watch if you are comfortable with psychological anime and the somewhat creepy original soundtrack to accompany with it.

Happy anime watching!!!

Here’s a trailer of the series


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