Final Fantasy XV:The wait so far…

How many of you are waiting for the fifteenth instalment of the Final Fantasy franchise? well a lot of hands are bound to shoot up,even those who aren’t particularly interested in this 30+ year old  franchise would shoot up their hands as well. So what makes this fifteenth instalment so worth “waiting”, simply because the wait has been too long.


Given that the first trailer of the initial concept of this game was launched in 2006 with the title of “Final Fantasy Versus XIII“,it was planned to be a spinoff to the mainstream Final Fantasy XIII series(not character related) but rather it’s storyline is also based on the Fabula Nova Crystallis or Crystal legends. Since the announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being renamed Final Fantasy xv it has been a long wait for the fans, including changing of the initial game director Tetsuya Nomura to the current director Hajime Tabata. Tabata is said to have revamped the entire setting of the series taking inspiration from the older final fantasy, the prime ones being Final Fantasy I,II,III,IV and VI.


The long waited game had a string of Tech Demos, Gameplay footage,various action trailers, a full-length movie(Final fantasy XV:Kingsglaive), a paid demo(it could only be played by people who bought the first print edition of the PS4 game Final Fantasy Type-0),  a free demo(Platinum demo featuring a young Noctis and Carbuncle) and recently Square Enix has released yet another trailer, Final Fantasy XV:Omens trailer.The Omens trailer as usual like the hyped game has stunning visuals and showcases Noctis and Lunafreya with both fighting seemingly tight odds though it feels like a big hallucination of sorts, despite this somewhat confusing trailer Square Enix has managed to convey the message that Noctis is also able to use guns just like Promto and has managed to garner some praise and induce some excitement in to the fans before it’s big release on November 29,2016. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint the fans like the recent titles after all the hard work the company put,not to mention the monstrous game budget $300 million(or more) and the award winning patience of the fans.


Check out the Omen trailer:


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