The magic of Rumiko Takahashi:Manga artist of Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha and more…

The most legendary female mangaka of all time Rumiko Takahashi is definitely a standard example of ‘Hall of fame’ level manga artists. Starting her career in 1978, this lady has come a long way and even now in the age of 59 still publishes her latest manga work Rin ne  in the weekly shonen sunday magazine. Rumiko Takahashi started her career  with Urusei Yatsura(34 volumes) which had a circulation of 28 million copies in Japan. Urusei Yatsura had a run of 197 episodes and major movies,other works such as Mermaid’s forest and Mermaid’s scar were all converted in to anime OVA’s. Her next major work was Ranma 1/2,one of the most popular gender-bender series of all time, it was an immense hit and firmly cemented her place in the world of manga.

A quote from Takahashi herself :

Sure, there are cultural differences in my work. When I see an American comedy, even though the jokes are translated, there’s always a moment when I feel puzzled and think, ‘Ah, Americans would probably laugh at this more.’ I suppose the same thing must happen with my books. It’s inevitable. And yet, that doesn’t mean my books can’t be enjoyed by English-speaking readers. I feel confident that there’s enough substance to them that people from a variety of cultural backgrounds can have a lot of fun reading them

Another one of her major series was Inu Yasha which had more than 46 million copies in circulation for which she recieved her 2nd Shokugan award,the first one being for Urusei Yatsura . While you’d think most manga artists would be satisfied with this and retire with a smile on their faces, this lady still carries on with her latest work Rin-ne, which has already received two anime seasons with a total of 50 episodes, VIZ media releases all of Takahashi’s works in North America where they have immense popularity. It’s quite a journey don’t you think,let’s see what more we can expect from her.

inuyasha-008                                                                              Inu Yasha

33713d12d6b9f0c26b84599667b0e1c7                                                                           Urusei Yatsura




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