Sports anime over the ages

Over the many genres of anime released over the years, the sports anime genre has survived and proving itself one of the most watched genres with amazing anime titles. The start of sports manga in Japan was started with the intention of promoting sports among the youth of Japan. The genre doesn’t only involve outdoor games but also indoor games,the one of the prime examples of indoor games would probably be Hikaru No Go by Takeshi Obata(Death Note,Bakuman,Platina End) which was aimed at popularising the strategy game GO.

The most popular basketball manga of all time Slam Dunk has played a major role over the years of getting the younger generation interested in Basketball. The manga artist Takehiko Inoue had also started ‘The slam dunk scholarship programme’ in Japan in collaboration with Shueisha, in 2010 Inoue received special commendations from Japan’s Basketball Association for popularising basket ball in Japan among the youth. Over the years many basketball anime have been made the most popular ones being Kuroko no Basuke,Dear boys.

Basketball isn’t the only sport to have been popularised some other sports have been Prince of Tennis which has successfully run for many years, Captain Tsubasa for football. Ookiku Futikabutte for baseball Hajime No Ippo, Eyeshield 21 for American Football,Yowamushi Pedal for cycling. One of the most trending anime as of 2016 Haikyuu for Volleyball.maxresdefault



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