Drifters:A different kind of fantasy anime?

If you’ve been following the latest trending anime like Yuri on Ice or Bungo Stray dogs 2, you’ve obviously also heard about drifters. It is one of those anime which has taken a different route and made a series comprising of various characters from various timelines of world history much like Fate/Zero and has additionally based it in a fantasy world which has given it the flexibility of including both the alternate history and fantasy genre right off the bat,well it’s true manga has no limits but given the various cliche’ titles as of late it has managed to do a fine job.


The plot starts with Shimazu Toyohisa, who is mortally wounded  while involved at the Battle of Sekigahara but he also manages to deal a fatal blow to his enemy. The story starts as he drags his bloodied and torn body around and suddenly finds himself in a corridor of doors where he finds a bespectacled man who seems to have been waiting for him. Toyohisa gets send through the nearest door and finds himself in another world where he wakes up to find fantasy creatures such as elves,hobbits and also warriors from different eras like him. They are called Drifters over there and they seem to have been actually brought there by the “Octobrist Organization” who are trying to use their power to fight another group of great warriors called the “Ends”.


The starting has been quite interesting so far as it has quite a creative setting, and each and every drifter have their unique personalities altogether giving a feeling very similar to Attack on titan but manages to differentiate itself quite gracefully. Let’s hope it manages to leave a good taste in our mouths.


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