Avant Garde series:The weird and ‘different’ anime out there

Remember watching any anime series,that were just ‘different’ no matter how you looked at it compared to other series? Series that you would not easily recommend ,yet had to watch once in a while for a fresh perspective on things.Well if you have,that’s what we are going to talk about today people.

Avante Garde (literally “vanguard” in french) is used to describe fiction or people which/who are unorthodox and in general mock some workings of society.If we consider fiction they are easily those works which are experimental, creative and innovative  when correlated with art, society and culture in general. They are usually met with an extreme feeling of unacceptability like the initial concept of a buttonless phone. When it comes to anime it has quite a share of unconventional series.The prime example would probably be the Monogatari series. The series,other than of course it’s weird animation(sometimes… ) has a very different elements compared to normal ones. The story follows Koyomi Araragi who has survived a vampire attack but later deals with all kinds of apparitions, deities, ghosts, mythological beasts, and spirits due to various events. It will definitely leave a very different taste in your mouth. Another well known series is Serial experiments Lain which mixed cyberpunk and the supernatural genre.

Even after so many ears, it still keeps surprising people and these anime tend to leave a deep impression, another great example would be Ergo Proxy, not to mention Gatchaman crowds , overall it manages to give a very fresh feel to even seinin anime like Black Lagoon which has quite tactfully been able to incorporate various avante-garde elements. It’s essentially an element for the series which want to be considered ‘different’ and bring in new genres, the classic Gothic Lolita was also considered avante garde once before it became mainstream. Let’s hope this genre continues to evolve and make current anime more and more interesting.




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