Servamp:worth watching ?

Vampire series…now doesn’t that genre have a rich history? ever since the advent of dracula the vampire has become a prominent creatures in the world of fiction sometimes having a complete series or many a times having a story along with their long-time arch nemesis werewolf,but setting that aside,why should anime culture miss out on the fun,churning out hit series like Rosario Vampire,Hellsing Ultimate, not to mention Vampire knights ,this has come a long way. So today we’ll talk about the latest hit vampire anime of 2016 Servamp,for those of you who don’t know Servamp is actually Servant + Vampire.

As the name suggests it’s about a boy who meets a vampire. The protagonist Mahiru Shirota is a fifteen years old,diligent,hardworking and independent student , due to his parents untimely demise he was orphaned at a young age andhis uncle   took him in. Moved by this gesture early in his life Mahiru makes it a life point to help people and never leaving it to someone-else,due to this particular sentiment he ends up picking up a stray cat from the street names him Kuro. Later to his utter surprise he finds out the cat and shape-shift and that he is actually a vampire, one thing after another happens and he ends up forming a contract making Kuro his servant. From that point on it’s a roller coaster ride as he encounters the different servamps and ends up getting involved in a war which is being headed by a powerful servamp and it’s up toMahiru to gather up forces to stop Tsubaki.

All in all it’s an anime with good visuals but a highly cliche story line. After watching a bit you’d be able to finish the characters dialogues before them. You don’t even have a pretty female character to enjoy the classic neck-biting scene. However it’s highs would be cleaverly naming servamps after the seven deadly scenes rather than making them just an existence. The story is sloppy at places and fails to give compelling enough motive for the characters actions. All in alk if you are a vampire fan then this is for you. If you aren’t,well it’ll be a bit of a letdown at first but surely it’ll leave agood taste in your mind.


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