Ghost in the Shell:Scarlet Johnson unveils 1st trailer

As you may already know the hit anime Science fiction anime Ghost in the Shell is getting it’s live action adaptation by Paramount Pictures and the 1st trailer debuted in Tokyo on Sunday and Paramount pictures has taken the liberty to stream it online.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this one of the all time favourite anime characters Makoto Kusanagi a.k.a The Major in action and Scarlet Johnson has seemingly done a good job of portraying her so far as the Trailer is concerned,let’s hope she manages to do the same in the movie as well.

It’s been a long Journey for this manga since being run in the young magazine Kodansha anthology. Since it’s debut and publishing it’s first volume in 1991 this series has come a long way with multiple anime adaptations ,inspiring various anime movies, original video animation and spinoff. The movie Innocence of the franchise was recipient of  the prestigious Emmy awards. The franchise so far has had a legendary presence due to which Steven Spielberg earned the rights and now we finally have a Hollywood movie adaptation with the Captain America:Civil War actress Scarlet Johnson.

Have a look at the first trailer:


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