Ecchi & comedy mayhem: Prison School(Kangoku Gauken)

Owing to the excessive ecchi themes in the recent manga and anime, and given how it has become one of the most over used element to make up for the genuine lack of original comedy you probably wouldn’t have expected something original to come out of those lines right?

Well Prison School(Kangoku Gauken) has broken all such notions and prejudices giving an entirely new to the echii genre altogether.

Following the story of four make students joining an all female high school isn’t a new theme but the way Prison School(Kangoku Gauken) had been executed will definitely make you roll on the floor laughing and also keto you hooked even while showing you the same things you’ve seen on ecchi manga hundreds of times before. Characters like Kiyoshi ,Andre,Shingo,Gakuto and Jo are crazy and just as passionate with their er… rather distasteful hobby of being perverted high school boys and characters like Mari,Hana and Meiko will give a new meaning to ‘Man-hating’ dominatrix .

All in all if you need a solid kick out of a high school anime Prison School(Kangoku Gauken) is definitely a must watch.

check out the trailer:


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