Nostalgic and Magical:CardCaptor Sakura,Code Geass,Sailor Moon

How many years has it been since the legendary cardcaptor era,Code Geass or Sailor moon? The era which brought about a huge boom of anime cosplay and stylish clow card merchandise…yes people we are about to relive that childhood experience yet again now that clamp has finally decided to write a sequel to their immensely popular and widely acclaimed series Cardcaptor Sakura:Clear card arc.  We can have an amazing blend of Mecha, Supernatural and Politics again in Code Geass and not to mention many of us have already watched and rode the nostalgia train with the Sailor moon reboot anime.

The cardcaptor anime is slated for release in 2018,January and the manga has already started serialisation. The original cast will be returning for the series and there will also be a special screening of the original card captor series. Given that the cardcaptor sakura series has already had two other popular spinoff’s xxxholic and Tsubasa chronicles(Chronicle of the wings), the story has already got a solid base to build up on. The series is riding the nostalgic train other hugely popular series like Sailor Moon reboot has started and given that another hugely popular series Code Geass also getting a sequel anime Code Geass:Lelouch of the resurrection looks like we have quite a few impressive series to look forward to and a lot of nostalgia to experience.

So? just how hyped are you??

Source:Anime News Network


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