The Last Of Us Part II :Announced,First Trailer Revealed!!

Naughty Dog has revealed the first look and released the first trailer of their highly successful post-apocalyptic zombie thriller franchise The Last Of Us, the trailer has us catching the glimpse of an grown up adult Ellie and Only a little of  Joel as we see the familiar world and a lot of blood in the first trailer.

The trailer opens showing the main female protagonist plucking the strings of a guitar after stopping her hands from shaking with bloodied fingers and while Joel comes in with with a handgun. The house they are in is shown to have several corpses(supposedly zombies) which could have been killed by the duo for the survival. Seeing the trailer will leave you hyped and excited as the first look of the sequel game has breathtaking(although gruesome) graphics and what seems t be the prelude of another blockbuster game(As expected of Naughty Dogs),with their Uncharted Franchise now concluded,they can focus all their attention in to this.

The Last of Us was released in 2013 and post it’s release it has bagged at least 22 game of the year awards getting critically acclaimed and highly praised by critics and gamers alike. In fact The Last of Us was even regarded as one of the greatest games ever created with stunning and breathtaking graphics even in the ageing  PS3 during it’s end cycle and has managed to pull the heartstrings of each and ever gamer that has ever played this game.



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