Kaichou wa maid Sama special chapter in February 2017

Manga artist Hiro Fujiwara has announced a special chapter of her immensely successful manga series Kaichou wa maid  Sama , the special chapter is set to be published in 2017, there are a lot of speculations about what story this manga chapter will entail, It may be on the ten year timeskip or it could also be post the marriage of Usui Takumi and Misaki Aizawa , either way it will be highly awaited by fans.

The original Kaichou wa Maid sama was  published in LaLa magazine and has a total of 18 published volumes which made their run from December 2005 to September 2013.It inspired a 26 episode anime series which began airing on April 2010 made by JC Staff.

The original plot follows a ‘Man-hating’girl named Misaki Aizawa who happens to be the student council President in a school which was before then an ‘all boys’ school and hence she goes to extremes to make it a chaos free place so that there is order even with careless and completely unhygienic and irresponsible around.This leads to the boys being scared like hell around her and calling her “Demon-president”. That is until the most popular boy around Usui Takumi discovers that Aizawa actually works in a maid cafe part-time because of financial problems. Post this shocking event Usui and Aizawa must keep this maid cafe job a secret to preserve Aizawa’s image.

Sentai has licensed the series in North America and dubbed the anime for a North American release.


9 thoughts on “Kaichou wa maid Sama special chapter in February 2017

    1. The anime is incomplete actually, there is more story left from when the anime ended, read the manga to read the complete story and yes, the manga is definitely worth it 😊

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  1. I have a few questions, is there a more specific date for the special chapter? And would there only be that one or is it going to continue were it lerft of? (In the manga)


    1. They didn’t really specify a date when it was announced (it might be out already), and the manga chapter is rumoured to be a timeskip


  2. I really love this anime and I really want a season 2 but not mange but in episode, do you know if they release a season 2? I really really want a season 2


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