Black Lagoon Manga to resume this spring!!

Rei Hiroe will finally,yes folks finally resume his Black Lagoon Manga after the manga went on a very long hiatus since 2014. The January 2017 issue of Shokugan‘s Sunday Gx magazine finally gave the news fans have been patient ly(some even anxiously) waiting for since 2014 when the manga artist announced that it would go on hiatus, the manga is going to resume on Spring 2017. News is that  Rei Hiroe will also work on an original anime series where he has given the original concept and character design ,the anime is going to be called “Re:Creators” ,the November issue of the magazine announced that he was planning a “big new dimension project”.

The series was already in a four year hiatus, after that Rei Hiroe finally released another volume in May 2014.Viz media released a promo for the volume along with collectables.

The series has inspired two Anime seasons named Black Lagoon and Black Lagoon:The second Barrage, both of them were licensed by funimation for a North American English dub release. Subsequently a series of six episodes titled Black Lagoon :Robertas blood trail was released as a part of OVA which was also licensed by funimation.

According to Wikipedia the plot of Black Lagoon is described as:

The story follows a team of piratemercenaries known as Lagoon Company, that smuggles goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early to mid 1990s.[1]Their base of operations is located in the fictional harbor city of Roanapur in southeast Thailand (somewhere in the Amphoe Mueang Trat district, likely on the mainland north/northeast of the Ko Chang island or on the island itself).[2] The island is home to the Yakuza, the Triad, the Russian mafia, the Colombian and French cartels, and a wide assortment of pickpockets, thugs, mercenaries, thieves, prostitutes, assassins, and Gunmen of all sorts. They transport goods in the 80-foot (24 m) Elco-type PT boatBlack Lagoon. Lagoon Company does business with various clients, but has a particularly friendly relationship with the Russian crime syndicate Hotel Moscow. The team takes on a variety of missions—which may involve violent firefights, hand-to-hand combat, and nautical battles—in various Southeast Asian locations, even going as far as Phu Quoc island of Vietnam and when not doing much, the members of the Lagoon Company spend much of their down time at The Yellow Flag, a bar in Roanapur which is often destroyed in firefights.

Let’s hope this satisfies the fans who have been patiently waiting for this action-filled series as we finally get to see Revy,Rock,Dutch,Balalaika and loads and loads of exciting characters of this series back in action again.

Source: Wikipedia,Anime news network.


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