Black Clover gets Anime series

Black clover fans can rejoice!! now that an anime adaptation has finally been announced for this popular manga series serialised in the weekly shonen jump and also released in the weekly shonen jump digital magazine.

The Plot follows two orphans Asta and Yuno who live in the outskirts of a country called Clover. Both of them are ambitious and plan to become the wizard king.While Yuno is a prodigy at magic, Asta on the other hand was born with no magic at all. So how is he supposed to be the Wizard King? Well he gains a new ability called ‘Anti-Magic’ a power that can destroy all magic. With his Anti magic and physical abilities and Yuno’s wind magic both of them move closer to their dream.

Yuki Tabata launched Black clover in the 12th issue of Shonen Jump in 2015 after his previous series got cancelled Shonen Jump has included it digitally in their Jump Start until it was finally published in the weekly lineup.


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