Blue exorcist season 2:Kyoto saga promo video and more!!

It has a delight for the fans to hear that Blue Exorcist(Ao no exorcist) is finally back for a second season, given it’s been more than two years since the first season aired. The primary reason for this huge delay being the manga going on hiatus,but thankfully Kazui Kato-sensei decided to write again and here we are with a second season which will cover the Kyoto saga arc.

There have been numerous character videos and promo streamed,and Aniplex has already licensed the series for a North American release which means we’ll be getting an English dub very soon as well.

Blue Exorcist follows the story of Rin Okumara and his brother Yukio Okumara,both of them are spawns of Satan however , Rin and Yukio use their inherited Demonic powers to fight Satan and to hold up and exorcise evil demons,all the while attending True cross academy,a school of exorcists with Rin learning there and Yukio teaching there.

The series is serialised in a  monthly Shonen magazine in shueisha and has been highly popular both in Japan and abroad.


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