91 Days:Worth Watching?

How many have you have watched the epic Godfather trilogy? The Mafia movie which for the first time in the world popularised the theme of Italian-American Mafia,yes,and though not directly,one can say not even the world of anime has failed to take advantage of this,nor has it rejected the influence. Among the other anime like Baccano which too included the concept of Mafia families and not to mention the popular Shonen Jump series Reborn! ,91 Days takes a slightly different turn as an Anime solely based on Vengeance.

The story follows a man named Angelo Lagusa seeking and exacting revenge upon a mafia family called Vinneti family by befriending the don’s son Nero Vinneti to eliminate the boss Vincent Vinneti who is responsible for murdering his family along with three other accomplices as Testa Lagusa (Angelo’s father) discovered about the deals between the Vinneti and Galassia family. Under the name Avilio Bruno along with his friend Corteo. Plotting schemes and utilising strained relationships little by little Angelo gets closer to his revenge.

Given the modern day theme of most anime nowadays, the directors of this one have done quite a good job with the character designs and artwork. The setting feels just like the Industrial era of America and care has been taken not to include common anime funny moments, or any unnecessary culture references for that matter. The power struggle portrayal and plotting scheme of the entire storyline is praise worthy,so is the protagonist in terms of desire for revenge  and coldly and calmly working towards it,making every opportunity count.

The only bad thing if any however is the arch nemesis of the protagonist  doesn’t seem to catch on or read the air fast enough which sometimes makes it feel like a one sided story primarily favouring the protagonist in the earlier episodes. However it’s fixed until the finale  . Overall this a recommended watch if you want a mafia anime and if you like the industrial era setting.

Here’s a trailer you can check out:


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