The Best of 2016

2016 was an amazing year for many of us and not so amazing for many of us,whatever was the case let’s forget the past and March forward,on to a bright future. In terms of anime we had some amazing picks this year, given some major series in the psychological,sports and idol genre, 2016 was very bright and awesome.

Let’s pick some of the very best of 2016:(This is not a ranking,it’s just mentions,we apologize in advance if we didn’t include your favorite series but given the fact that a series brought you happiness is a good thing in and itself and should not be undermined whether it is ranked or not 😊)

1.Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu


The Light novel part of the Anime world made a major impact with this hit tv anime that soon became a household name owning to it’s somewhat unique execution and Rem of course!!



This Anime has given many seinin Anime some major story goals with it’s amazing yet dangerous characters and strong action storyline.

3.Yuri on Ice


This Anime was the major highlight of the later half of 2016 and packed a major punch with amazing dance moves and some awesome dance performances possibly creating a genre of it’s own and inspiring other Anime Creators.

4.Bungo Stray dogs season 2


Haven’t seen this Anime yet?? You have to check it out!! Get ready to check out the lives of the “Armed Detective Agency” once more!!!

5.Natsume Yu Jinchou Go


A continuation of the subtle and simple Natsume YuJinchou series which you seriously can’t miss if you like other supernatural Anime like xxxHolic and Mushishi

6.Boku no Hero Academia


Here comes another hit series from Shonen Jump where comparisons have gone far enough to say this is the next generation of Jump,directly following series like Naruto,One Piece and Bleach.

7.Kanberi of the iron fortress


Zombie apocalypse Anime with a twist of supernatural anyone?? Check this out. This monster defeating series was quite the treat.

8.Lostorage incited Wixoss

Following from the popular Wixoss series this is a popular follow-up of the hit psychological and game franchise.

9.Love Live! Sunshine


Being the spinoff of the hit idol Anime Love!Live! This series follows a series of girls who have to become idols to stop their school from shutting down.

10.Sangatsu no Lion


March comes in like a lion  follows the storyline of a professional shogi player being a loner and slowly maturing as a shogi player and making meaningful relationships.



Follow these nine awesome characters as they write their occult blog with curious incidents happening around the..

12.Haikyuu 3rd season


The 3rd season of the popular volleyball manga from Shonen Jump was a blast and definitely worth watching!!

13.91 Days


It’s rare for the anime world to focus on mafia exclusively, but hey,who doesn’t love an edgy anime??


      Video games:-


2016 saw the release   of Final Fantasy XV the higly anticipated game,Uncharted 4.

      Anime movies:

 1.kimi no na wa


If you haven’t watched this amazing movie that has broken charts worldwide then do watch!! It’s also been applauded as the “Spirited away of the decade”.

2.Koe no katachi


Though working it’s way even under the huge Kimi no na wa influence,this movie has been able to maintain a name of it’s own,do watch this as well.

All in all it was quite the impressive year don’t you think??? Given we have some awesome lineup of anime and video games looks like it will quite the delight right??!!

Happy 2017 everyone, thank you for reading our posts and being a part of this community, we are very grateful!!


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