Tales of Zestiria :Worth Watching?

Tales of Zestiria seems like one of those series with heavy and detailed animation. It also uses the new style of using 3D characters which were liked as well as disliked by many. Adapted from the popular gaming franchise of the same name, Tales of Zestiria seems to have the vibe of  a high-fantasy action anime. The game even has it’s own characteristic genre “RPG of Passion Lighting the World”.

The plot of Zestiria starts with princess Alisha Diphda investigating a strange dark mist that had come down on the borders of her kingdom. As she investigates, her party is attacked by a strange group with beings that aren’t clearly human.Further in to investigation the mist intensifies and comes down in the form of a terrible tornado like storm engulfing everything. Surviving alone Alisha stumbles and falls in to the ruins of a temple,there she is found by a human boy Sorey and his friend Mikaela.Together they go to the place of  Seraphim and Alisha begs for their help,so that the legendary shepherd would come and save the world.

The SFX of this anime is breath-taking to say the least. The story is however a tad confusing at times since there is a lot of reference scenes in the opening that are related with the events of the game but never make an appearance in anime. The second season is set to air on January 2017 so maybe that’ll explain things a bit.Considering everything else the characters seem likable though the action seems primarily focused on Sorey despite other bright characters also being present. The anime however despite it’s references is sensible enough that anyone who knows nothing about the games can also enjoy them without any problems.Altogether if you can tolerate a slow slightly confusing storyline with nothing amazingly evil then it’s a recommended watch for you.


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