Kimi no na wa tops Spirited away to become the highest grossing Japanese anime movie of all time

Kimi no na wa has officially surpassed the ace of Studio Ghibli Spirited away to become the highest grossing anime movie of all time earning a gross $289 million worldwide. The movie has garnered rave reviews and also topped the Chinese box office with $81 million.It’s also to be noted that this much loved movie has topped the South Korean Box office ever since it’s advent in to that region.

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This much loved movie has garnered huge praise, critical acclaim and become a huge commercial success. Ofcourse as you know,this movie has still yet to be released in many countries,which means there’s even further scope of breaking box office charts. Funimation had put it up for Oscars in it’s Oscar run from December 2nd to December 8th 2016.

The plot involves two teenagers Mitsuha and Taki, one who lives in the city and the other who on a hill town suddenly body swapping with each other.

The movie has been critically acclaimed for its visuals as well as it’s strong story-telling despite being a non-series anime film. The film has been licensed by Funimation and it is set to be released in 85 countries.The film was number-one on its opening weekend at the Japanese box office, with ¥930 million in gross and 688,000 admissions. Including the opening day on Friday, it grossed a total of ¥1.28 billion. It was number-one again on its second weekend, with 867,345 admissions and ¥1.16 billion in gross. As of September 5, 2016, 10 days after the film’s premiere in Japan, it has grossed a total of ¥3.8 billion.It was again number-one on its third weekend, with ¥1.135 billion in gross and 852,000 admissions. By September 11, 2016, the film had grossed a total of ¥6.2 billion and had thus surpassed the distributor Toho’s ¥6 billion revenue projection for the film.By September 18, the film was #1 for the fourth week in a row and had grossed ¥9.1 billion (approximately US$89 million), and was projected to become the first non-Ghibli non-series based anime movie to earn over 10 billion yen.On September 23, it was reported that the film had indeed grossed over 10 billion yen (approximately US$98 million) and that it had achieved that in only 28 days.

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Is Makoto Shinkai is the next Hiyao Miyazaki ??!!


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