Final Fantasy VII gets new key visual featuring Cloud and Sephiroth

Final Fantasy hosted their 30th anniversary celebrations and showed off a key visual for their upcoming remake of the iconic game Final Fantasy VII , the visual features Cloud and Sephiroth, the main hero and main villain of the series respectively.

Apart from that Square Enix has also announced various character expansion DLC packs for each of the main characters of Final Fantasy XV, the Gladiolas pack is slated for release.


The planned DLC’s include:

Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack
Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack
Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus
Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis
Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto
Final Fantasy XV Online Expansion Pack: Companion

Out of which the Company’s immediate goal is to improve the gameplay of the second half of the game most notably improving the infamous Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy XV. The game director Hajime Tabata has assured that the story enhancements are bound to improve things in the game so that the players don’t feel like it’s rushed.

Sources:Gamespot,Anime News Network


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII gets new key visual featuring Cloud and Sephiroth

  1. You lost me, friend. I mean, I imagine I get what youre declaring. I understand what you’re saying, but you just seem to have overlooked that you will find some other persons inside the world who look at this issue for what it actually is and may perhaps not agree with you. You may perhaps be turning away a decent amount of folks who might have been supporters of your web log.


    1. Well I thought I was writing this post for info purposes only but I do get what you are saying, people’s opinions don’t always match,either way thanks for the tip :), I guess I just wrote about my own grievances of final fantasy xv and it’s gameplay and that’s unprofessional


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