KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Season 1& 2 Anime review:

For all those who have been listening to the hype train of this certain thing called KonoSuba and been wondering what this is all about,welcome!  Get introduced to the light novel whose anime adaptation’s humour has taken the anime community by storm.Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o is the latest light novel to feature all the elements of a cliche’ “protagonist travelling to another world” setting and another “shut-in NEET” protagonist and an Rpg game based fantasy world.

The plot starts out with a shut-in NEET who one fine day decides to get out of his home(very out of character!) and gets killed while saving a girl who apparently wasn’t going to die anyway. After being shown just how useless his death was by a cocky water goddess Aqua,he is made to choose where to be reborn,to Japan or fantasy world. With an unforseen series of events(not really but funny nonetheless) he and Aqua are reeled in to defeat the Devil king of the fantasy world. Starting out in a guild with various interesting jobs occupations(Arch priest,Mage, Sword Master,Crusader,Adventurer,etc) and recruiting an impulsive mage Megumin and a er…a rather masochistic crusader Darkness, join them in their goal(ah,really?) to defeat the devil king,while they take on multiple often brazenly weird quests.

Going by the first looks of it,this show holds a very similar premise to Re:Zero and a very different atmosphere from it. The protagonist even wears track suit to bump up the similarity meter. The world however is massively limited to these four characters and their miraculous screw ups and that’s okay considering the characters are over the top,obsessed, different, amazingly cute and very much lovable. The same goes out to the spontaneity and supreme sense of humour that will make you grin like an idiot every time you tune in.

The plot and pacing is suprisingly tight-knit with , full of using clever plot devices,not ot mention every little thing shown in each episode is reused and justified. The villains are all whimsical and oddballs motivated by all kinds of strange reasons altogether rewarding the viewer who decided to watch this show despite the story never progressing beyond the walled city the protagonist ends up in at the beginning of the series.

The season 2 of this anime is still airing with episode 6 already aired, the anime has certainly maintained it’s gag and keeps mentioning events from season 1 hence do make sure to watch season 1 to make the most of it. The animation is not much different from season 1 given the seasons have a very narrow gap of time between them. The plot of course doesn’t thicken much given we see no glance of the demon king himself however we see more and more of his weird lackeys show up escalating the no. Of weird antics this show is famous for. It’s difficult to say whether this show is going to come up with something conclusive by the end of the season. But the season 2 of this anime is one of the best anime airing out there currently ,so tune in and laugh.

Altogether this puts the show on the must-watch radar if you are looking for nothing too serious and definitely not something shabby.


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