No game no life movie cast, preview and more information

It’s been a while since our favourite gamer siblings made an appearance in the Anime world , well the Anime was released in 2014 so fans are really excited for this highly anticipated movie adaptation of No game no life.

Last year Yu Kamiya annouced the movie adaptation and first visual and video preview have finally been released. The release date however was not specified however it is slated to be released this year.

The Anime cast will be returning as the voice cast.The anime director will be returning at Madhouse to direct the movie. The light novel is at volume 6 in the English adaptation,with volume 4 being the first novel volume which hasn’t been adapted in to an anime.

  • Matsuoka Yoshitsugo : Sora
  • Kayano Ai : Shiro
  • Hisaka Youko : Setphanie dora
  • Tamura Yukari : Jibril
  • Iguchi Yuka : Clammy Zell
  • Noto Mamiko : Feel Nivalen
  • Sawashiro Mizuki : Izuna Hatsue
  • Kugimiya Rie : Teto
  • Art director : Iwase Eiji
  • Art Setting Ohihara tsukasa
  • Color Key : Ono Harue
  • Director of Photography : Fujita Kenji
  • 3D Director : Shuhei yabuta
  • Editing : Kimura Kashiko
  • Sound director : Aketagawa Jin

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed in case a season 2 also gets announced!!!


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