Sword Art Online:Spoiler free review

For those of you who have loved the original series and are hyped,this is the next big thing after Kimi No Na Wa(okay maybe not that big!) but given the anime movie standards,this movie has managed to give a fresh out look to the over-used virtual reality genre of anime.

Set just after the events of the second season,this movie introduces augmented reality via the new gaming device called ‘Augma’. The movie does a very good job of rekindling and using old connections that were there in the very beginning of the 1st season so those  of you who are watching SAO for the first time might not be able to relate to the events as much as the old fans. Many fans have been complaining for years over the depreciating character of “Asuna” who had just turned in to another “Damsel of distress” heroine who “knew a bit” about fighting but was “ultimately useless” against “real danger”,well good news for you,Asuna is back!! for most of the movie at least as she shows innate talent and high adaptability in this new game .I was honestly surprised at how the movie explored a tad bit of Kirito’s vulnerable side but instead of pulling this through to the end,Kirito and Asuna’s roles reversed again and the story regressed back to the invincible Kirito who shatters all kinds of enemies with impossibe skill and as usual his epic shouts. Reki Kwahara the  original Light novel author does introduce some interesting elements and given that this is just an original story it’s a nice addition to the franchise and  doesn’t interfere with any setting change of the main storyline which is headed towards the alicization arc.

The antagonist Eiji gets the main highlight here,as he unlike in the phantom bullet arc,presents to be more of a challenge and his instincts and plots make him similar to earlier villans such as Kayaba or Sugou. The action scenes were spectaular and jaw dropping, the premise seemed new and the movie will leave an impact on you if you decide to see it. It’s not too great but definitely not bad going by anime movie standards so grab your pop-corns , and go see your light novel favourite couple kick ass again.


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