A certain magical Index III in the works???

It was announced in January through Kazuma Kamachi’s official website in Dengeki Bunko that there is a big spring project, while it was announced with fans speculating the third season of the hit light novel series, A PS4 and PSVita game based on the crossover of ‘A certain Magical Index’ or To Aru Majitsu no Index and Sega’s virtual on has been announced in the Dengeki Bunko festival.

Kazuma Miki the editor and anime producer of Index while announcing the above mentioned game has said at the end of the announcement,”Wait a bit more for season 3″.

While his statement was a bit vague when he didn’t mention any series in particular,but since the announcement was done just after the video game announcement the fans in Internet have been posting like crazy ,this probably could be a hint that the anime series maybe already in the works.

Here’s the official Dengeki site with the news :Dengeki Bunko festival announcements

Here’s the proof that fans are going crazy:

Here’s the crossover novel visual From the collaboration as well as the light novel cover.


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