Koi no Katachi (A silent voice) spoiler free review

Last year has seen some really good anime films coming around,namely(and most prominently) Your name(Kimi no na wa) , The Red turtle,In this corner of the world,Kob no Katachi(A silent voice). Needless to say with such amazing and blockbuster movies turning up anime films which probably haven’t seen much success in the recent years have become the rage of the town now.

Koe no Katachi at it’s very core is the story of Shoya Ishida a relatively popular and arrogant delinquent who upon the arrival of Shoko Nishimiya,a deaf classmate bullies her with his friends.Given his mother runs a salon and they aren’t very financially strong , Ishida hates Nishimiya even more when his mother is made to pay the damages for her hearing aids which he throws away but his classmates pin the entire blame on him and bully him in return. The bullying that  Ishida suffers significantly reduces his self-confidence and as a result realising that both Nishimiya and him were suffering the consequences of his actions he seeks redemption. A number of life changing events happen when he encounters his former classmates and the story revolves around them accepting themselves and trying their best to live their lives trying to keep each other happy. It’s an emotially draining movie which just might leave you appreciating life a bit more and also in its own way raises it’s voice against bullying and very easily showcases the devastating consequences it can have on individuals.

Makoto Shinkai, director of Your Name, called the film a “fantastic piece of work” and a “polished and grand production” which even he is unable to replicate. It won Best Animation of the Year in the 26th Japan Movie Critics Awards, where director Naoko Yamada also received praise for her work on the film. 


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