Top 5 New Anime you should have Watched in 2017

There have been a plethora of anime coming up this year, given the amount of 12-episode anime series coming up, you’d definitely want to spend your time watching some of the best.

This season since we’ve had  a mashup of the old and the new, without further ado here are 5 new anime series you should watch plus a few honourable mentions:

Disclaimer: You DON’T have to agree with me or the series I am going to suggest, please  understand that everyone has different tastes and your list may be different from mine.

5.Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Here comes one of the fun series of the season. This story follows the protagonist Glen who is a lazy substitute instructor at a Reputed Magic Academy. He is lazy, unmotivated and refuses to teach which constantly ticks off  Sistine and  Rumia (the other highlighted characters of the series ) who try to get this guy into gear. It’s not long until Glen Radars is caught in the kingdom’s nefarious schemes, and Rumia and Sistine have their own demons to face. While battling all these forces they bond together and fight together.


4.Sakura Quest

The start of this series is slightly similar to Re: Life in that, it involves a college pass out who has difficulty in landing a job. The series has some good comedy elements and features an all-female cast similar to Shirobako. The series has much less drama and more slice-of-life elements and is in general very informative. There is not much to tell of the story here except a struggling girl is hired to revive a dying tourism agency in the countryside with less fan service and more real life-like characters.



A high-school light novel author is to take care of his stepsister after their parent’s death. Things take a turn ( for better or worse) when he finds out that his sister is the illustrator of his light novel and has the alias Eromanga Sensei. Together they band together to take on rivals and ultimately the light novel industry.c3b5618a53d1aeee54e2b608529c522e

2. Tsuki Ga Kirei(As beautiful as the moon)

Tsuki ga Kirei follows two junior high-school freshmen who overcome the insecurities and doubts and fear that school life brings. In fact it is one of those few series which can completely attract you with its simplicity alone. It follows Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno as the primary protagonists and the main male and female leads.



This the most action-packed anime of the season.given the standard protagonist travelling to another world series out there. This series involves popular manga and anime characters coming into reality much like Fate:Zero. The characters all come from various backgrounds so their interactions are interesting. Not to mention finally fulfilling the desire of every fan to know let’s say,”What would happen if this character of this series ever met that character of that series???” The series is still ongoing and overall brings a very seinen feel to  what looks like a shounen genre setting anime. The plot is by the author of the Black Lagoon seriespopular  so look forward to it.


Other than that there are a few honourable mentions with second seasons like:

1.KonoSuba:God’s Blessing in this wonderful world.

2.Attack on Titan Season 2.

3.Boku no Hero Academia Season 2.


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