Fairy tail Manga and Anime:Overall Review

Since it’s been a while since I’ve read the final chapter of Fairy tail and the final season is set for release next year in 2018, I thought this time would be the best to write a review.

So starting off “Fairy tail” was a manga which started in 2006, it was published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine,Kodansha.

Fairy tail is essentially an adventure series which started off with a 17-year old mage Lucy Heartfilia who wants to join the notorious guild called Fairy tail, a guild famous for their misadventures and property destruction. Subsequently she meets Natsu and Happy because of whom she finally gets to join the guild. From their starts a plethora of funny adventures with memorable characters like Gray,Erza, Wendy andany others.

Fairy tail’s manga is very strong in terms of story at the beginning of the series,with the characters putting their life on the line to protect their guild mates and uphold their pride, they fight each and every battle as a family and get through some extremely tough situations with some highly pumped battles. The other strong point of the series has been it’s catchy sense of humor and often hilarious exchanges between characters.

The main pros of the series are: colourful characters, amusing setting and comedy content, ecchi(if you prefer any of that, can’t say of it’s a pro), strong start

Cons: Overly emotional and cheesy moments(though some people like these, please don’t hold it against me), illogical power ups, fanservice.

The following are my overall rating of each and every arc, I’m not going to give any spoilers or discuss the plot points and this list does not include the fairy tail movies and OVA’s.

Apart from this Fairy tail has a spin-off anime called Fairy tail  Zero which focuses on Fairy tail’s first Master Mavis Vermillion.

1. The Everlew Mansion arc- 9/10

2.Lullaby arc- 9/10

3.Galuna Island arc-9/10

4.Phantom Lord arc-8.5/10

5.Loke arc-8.2/10

6.Tower of Heavens arc-9/10

7.Laxus arc -9/10

8.Oracion seis arc-9/10

9.Edolas arc-8.8/10

10. Mechanical Dragon (Daphne) arc(Filler)-7/10

11.Tenrou Island arc-10/10

12. Key of Starry heavens arc(Filler)-9/10

13.Grand Magic Games arc-8.2/10

14.Eclipse arc-8/10

15.Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc(Filler)-6/10

16.Tartorous arc-7.5/10

17.Avatar arc-6/10

18.Spriggan arc-7.8/10

This are the series of arcs in both the anime and manga, apart from that this series has multiple OVA’s, all of which are quite amusing. It’s just my opinion but as far the series is concerned, the quality of the series fell flatly in the final arcs, regardless of that I can say the series is still worth watching if only up to a certain point.

Apart from this Fairy tail has two animated films Fairy tail:Pheonix Priestess

and Fairy tail :Dragon cry(released as of July)

The overall rating in my opinion would be 8/10.

This series may be flawed but it has some geniune good moments and characters so if you’re up for some fun go watch your heart out.


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