A certain Magical Index iii announced

To all the fans waiting so long for Touma Kamijou,Mikoto and Accelerator to make an appearance in the anime world for so long,your days of waiting are finally over!!!

Yes, this isn’t a prank, A certain Magical Index iii or To Aru Majitsu no index iii has finally been announced since more than 5 years have passed since the last season aired and 4 years since the movie. It’s been a long wait indeed. The new season was announced at Dengeki fall festival on October 1st ,where the producer of the series as well as Kazuma Miki the editor of the series discussed the index franchise. The series is slated for airing in 2018.

The season 3 of this long running light novel franchise will be covering the events up to the world war iii arc(well I’m hoping it’ll cover that one too) and will be a direct continuation of the series,for those of you who haven’t read the light novels in advance, you can expect some very interesting developments of the story coming up.

A certain Magical Index is a light novel series written by Kazuma Kamachi and published under Dengeki Bunko. It has already inspired 2 anime seasons, apart from that it’s spin-off A certain scientific Railgun which focuses on the character Misaka Mikoto has also inspired two anime seasons.


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