Girl power in Anime and other media

Rise of female leads in anime has always been appreciated by anime viewers. Animes like Fairy tail,Attack on titan,A certain magical index,Psycho pass,ghost in the shell ,a certain scientific railgun,Akame ga kill ,Black lagoon etc have featured powerful female characters like Erza,Mikoto Misaka,Mikasa,Akame,Akane Tsunamori,Revy ,Asuna etc every single one of these characters have a huge fan following for instance Mikoto Misaka who is one of the main characters of index has her own anime series based on her story called A certain scientific railgun and is extremely popular. The popular female characters are all independent and strong ,they act as a source of inspiration to the present day girls who find these characters both inspiring and empowering,after all an anime with popular and badass female characters always has an edge over any anime that doesn’t. These characters are a sign that manga writers believe  that girls can be just as tough as boys or even tougher. The popular role playing gaming franchise Final fantasy also had a female protagonist namedLighting in their thirteenth installment of the game. Many popular light novel writers like Gen Urobachi have written series like Puella Madoka Magica which is centered around girls. This just goes to show how much girls are influencing the media we watch, for example Resident Evil,Lara croft and other American media also potray girls as being both powerful and beautiful at the same time. Girls should look up to these figures and see them as role models because it doesn’t matter whether they are real or not ,what truly does matter is that they are a symbol of being independent and powerful as opposed to normal notion of girls being weaker than boys. There used to be a time when girls weren’t even allowed to go out of their homes in countries like India but today they are not only changing the world but also our media. Let this surge of feminism in media be an example and act as a catalyst to strengthen the resolve of girls so they along with the boys actively participate and strive to push the human race forward.          



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