The beauty of OST in Anime


While people say Japanese Anime are unique due to the beautifully designed characters and compelling storyline another attribute that truly adds to their beauty is the wonderfully composed Original soundtracks(OSTs) which are used to reflect and also to emphasise upon the moods of the characters and also the situation at hand.The epic moments wouldn’t feel epic without the music and the romantic moments would appear dead and that makes anime watching pretty lame.

Good moments in anime are highly appreciated by the viewers but it is the music that makes every moment and scene in the anime come to life.Famous composers like Yasuharu Takanashi,Hiroyuki Sawano etc have done excellent work on shows like Fairy tail,Naruto Shippuden,Guilty crown, to name a few,they have delivered tremendous performances in terms of both music and epic content normally expected of anime.

However anime aren’t the only Japanese media to have excellent original soundtracks,popular Japanese RPG’s like Final Fantasy are considered legendary for their orchestral and instrumental music which have inspired Video game music composers for generations and still continues to do so,and even if you are not an anime lover I am sure you too would appreciate the music to say the least.

check this out :


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