Dimension W: sci-fi worth watching ?

Whether it’s science fiction,psychological or in general seinin (or mature) content the anime industry seems to have a plethora of shows based on this genres. The themes of sci-fi can vary from time travel to artificial intelligence to a hard core mecha genre.

Dimension W is a recent sci- fi that seems to have grabbed the attention of many anime viewers as of late. It’s a show in which a 4th dimension has been discovered by the scientists in the year 2036 and due to this they have discovered inexhaustible energy which can be accessed from this 4th dimension to their world via objects known as coils. Since the concept of inexhaustible energy is quite greed-inducing in itself, there are plenty of thugs who use illegal versions of these cross dimensional electromagnetic devices called coils to access this 4th dimension,and…this is where our protagonist Kyuoma Mabuchi comes in. The story starts in the year 2072.

Kyuoma Mabuchi is a collector who deals with people using illegal coils…and for several reasons, one being his absolute hatred of coils and the second being dependency as his employer Mary is the only person providing him with gasoline in exchange for his services as he has to get by without using the coils. He has a past with the coils which is later revealed in the series ,the events explain why his friend Albert Schuman describes him as a man of the past. Circumstances lead our protagonist to meet up with our second protagonist Mira Yurizaki an android created by a person deemed ‘the physicist of the century’ and the founder of NewTesla Shido Yurizaki. When Shido Yurizaki dissapears after suddenly using a double ringed coil, Mira joins Kyouma to hunt down illegal coils and later they discover some major trouble concerning New Tesla.

The anime is a recommended watch due to it’s mature action, dystopian theme and a handful of interesting characters.It starts out very well but when coming to the episodes where they start to explain Kyouma’s past things can get a little complicated and fast paced making it difficult to relate and understand. Like most of series in this genre it has a villain who is  introduced much later in to the series as things start to fall in the place. After all is said and done it is one of those series which can be fully appreciated and enjoyed after watching the overall series.

The anime overall has a good sci-fi feel to it (for the most part). It involves generic elements yet stands out mainly due to it’s somewhat unconventional storyline and funny characters. The character designs feel good and stay true to the manga. The anime has very cool fight sequences which are further accentuated by the awesome soundtracks .The opening theme song, “Genesis”, is performed by Stereo Dive Foundation, and the closing theme song, “Contrast”, is performed by Fo’xTails.tudio 3Hz and Orange produced an anime television adaptation based on the Dimension W manga. The series is directed by Kanta Kamei with Shôtarô Suga acting as the series organizer and Tokuyuki Matsutake serving as the character designer. Funimation Entertainment serves as part of the anime’s committee.

On 21 March 2016, a new unaired OVA episode was announced. It will be bundled up with the anime’s 6th Blu-ray release, which will be released on 26 August 2016.The series has been licensed in the UK by Anime Limited.The series premiered on 10 January 2016, and aired on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11, AT-X, Sun TV, and TV Aichi, and was simulcast worldwide with a broadcast dub by Funimation.Madman Entertainment procured the rights to stream the anime on AnimeLab.On 12 February 2016, it was announced that the anime would be broadcast on Toonami, replacing Akame ga Kill!, beginning on 27 February 2016.

Dimension W is a manga series written by Yuji Iwahara. It has been published since 2011 in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gagan magazine( formerly Young Gagan). The series has been licensed by Yen Press for North American release and an anime based on Dimension W aired between January and March 2016 . In the manga,the initial story focuses on Kyouma and his past , the story that Yuji Iwahara is writing now tells Mira and her part of the story.

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3 thoughts on “Dimension W: sci-fi worth watching ?

  1. I didn’t really get into this. I enjoyed the first episode or so and then it just became an action with some thin science jargon thrown around to try and hold the plot together. It’s pretty enough but there are definitely better sci-fis out there.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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